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How to Handle Teenage Acne

Teenagers and acne go hand in hand. As the hormones progress the internal changes in teenagers with their growth brings about hormonal imbalances and surges that can cause acne to build up. Most teenagers become shammed with the idea of acne and do whatever they can to prevent and get rid of the pimple including pinching it out of their skin and usually leaving an open wound; which could in fact lead to a permanent scar.

Acne builds up majorly due to two reasons, bacterial build up on the skin with oil components of the skin and hormonal imbalances from within the system.

It is thus important to keep the bacterial build up to a minimum on the skin, especially if your skin is oily. It is still important to keep oil on your skin for its health and moisture, thus very essential not to use harsh oil free products to make the skin very dry. However for breakouts it is important to use oil free and noncomedogenic products, which means products that do not clog the pores and do not allow the buildup of bacterial that can lead to pimple formation.

Most pimples on skin that bother the most are pimples that form in the way of pustules. They can be big vacuoles filled with watery substance and pus and can definitely be painful. It is important to make sure that you donít break the pimple yourself before time and let it progress to its full form. There are other ways to treat it and end the horrible process faster. You can use a drying foundation over the pimples as spot treatments to ensure that it dries up faster, breaks and sloughs off and the pus gets drained. This will ensure that no scar is left and if any mark or pigmentation it will eventually clear up.

Bursting a pimple on purpose especially with nails and fingers can lead to scar formation and hyper pigmentation in the area which might not go away over time. Picking the pimples and pustules can actually cause the bacteria inside to spread further causing more pimple formation and lead to further inflammation.

If your acne is ignited by hormones, there are various herbal and medicinal ways to treat it. This can include the use of topic steroids prescribed by your dermatologist or over the counter products that can help with spot treatment. There are also herbal ways to suppress the overproduction of hormones that lead to pimple formation such as androgens that can be repressed by drinking green tea and keeping the system clean of junk foods and oily fatty foods.

Acne however should never define who you are and temporary ways to cover it up can include make up or heavy foundations to ensure that the acne formation never gets in the way of what you are doing in life. Keep working to improve our skin but never let it define your life and the things that you want to enjoy.