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Christian Carters Catch Him and Keep Him

Let's face it; everyone has advice on how women can make themselves more attractive to men. The only problem is that every man you speak to will have a new idea about how woman can be more attractive to men. In fact apart from quality books like Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him there are very few resources that can give you valuable insight into the way men think. People often claim that women are the most complex beings on the planet, but the truth is far from it.

Men are equally complex, and just like women men too feel hurt or upset. Women often assume that men are not capable of displaying emotions. The truth is that men usually do not express their inner feelings so easily; it has more to do with the 'men don't cry' approach that men are bought up with.

In fact men are taught not to show emotions that are 'weak' from an early age, and they only carry this attitude from childhood to their adult life. If you agree with what I just said, then you will love Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him. Instead of going the usual boring route and doing a book review of Catch Him and Keep Him, it would be simpler to just mention the important aspects that the book touches on.

One of Catch Him and Keep Him's central themes is how women look too far into a relationship. For example, women often start planning the wedding, while all a man is thinking about is how great the sex is, a classic case of lack of communication. In fact many relationships are destined for failure not because there is no communication, but because women often interpret even the smallest things as 'signs' of things to come.

While the truth is men usually mean exactly what they say and nothing more. Another thing the book does wonderfully is discuss the concept of masculinity. Unlike other books that are written by gay men or women, this one is written by a man who is in tune with his masculine side and he makes no attempts to 'discover his feminine side' as many authors have tried to do in the past. While women often claim that men never really understand them, the truth is that women are not putting in enough effort to understand men. Understanding someone is a commitment in itself, it requires time and effort to understand a person.

If you are looking to take a look inside a guy's head without too much psychoanalysis or without the usual blend of he says and she says then Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him is perhaps one of the few books in the market that does exactly that. Another great bonus with the book was the set of CDs that included interviews with dating specialists. The CDs add a whole new dimension to the book and instead of being a summation to the book they actually add a new dimension to the book.

Mark Ling is the author of this article on Catch him and keep him. Find more information about Catch him and keep him here.

Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him

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