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Top 10 Places to Download Music Online
by Syd Johnson

You can legally purchase and download music from these major online music retailers.

1. iTunes.com - you can download music from this site which has one of the largest online catalogs. iTunes customers have bought over 200 million MP3 Downloads so far and it shows now sign of slowing down. Create online mixes, link to over 1,000 radio stations across the country, download music directly to your iPod or even purchase an iPod if you don’t have one. This music catalog gives you access to almost every music genre that exists. There are also free samples available on a regular basis. No mystery here. Apple lists the date directly on the front page so you know when to come back and download music for free. Free music on a schedule. Excellent!

2. Amazon.com has entire section of its site devoted to free music. Whether you’re looking for Pop, Rock, Ska, Reggae or Brazilian Samba music, you can download music samples from their the free catalog on the Amazon site. It’s not the largest selection but you can reasonably assured that the files are good quality, virus free and legal. If you find a few songs that you like, click over to the album and purchase it. Let's hope that they expand into the digital market so you can download music files directly to an mp3 player.

Independent musicians can put their own composition on the site with a virtual tip jar.

3. WalMart.com is the largest retailer in the world and fortunately they have created their own system to offer mp3 downloads online. Download individual songs or buy an entire album. They have a huge music catalog and single songs are slightly cheaper than iTunes. You can download music on this site for only 88cents per song. The current catalog has over 400,000 songs in many categories.

4. Download.com has it all, Rock, Pop, Classical, Reggae, Punk and more. Millions of online surfers turn to this site for their MP3 downloads. While you’re there, you can also check out their software and games section. Certainly one the largest and most comprehensive download sources online. As with Amazon, independent artists can register and upload their music.

5. BuyMusic - Download music from over 500,000 songs and as an incentive, they songs are cheaper than anyone else around at only 79cents per song on the lower end.

6. Rhapsody - You can download music directly to your CD for only 79cents per song. There is always some kind of promotion on the site . Right now, you can burn 5 CDs for free just for trying the service.

7. LaunchCast is an mp3 download resource, online music station, music video channel and music store. Channels are extremely organized so you can do the top 40 thing or click around for independent artists and cutting edge stuff.

8. eMusic - Download music from one of the largest independent catalogs on the web. You won't find a lot of to 40 hits, but there is a free trial period so go ahead and check it out.

9. MusicMatch - Download music, burn cds and even print custom labels and covers. There is a free version of the jukebox with ony the ability to play music, burn songs that you get online, or rip songs and store them on your playlist. The free radio service alone is worth the sign up. Create your own radio station playing only music from the artists and albums that you like. Excellent example of the personalized functionality that you can deliver in an online music store

About the Author
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Syd Johnson