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Fun Wedding Send Offs

Looking for a fun way to bid the bride and groom goodbye and send them off to their new married life? Wedding send offs should do the trick! Bubbles, bells and rice galore, these favors are decked out in wedding wear for a fun and festive send off for the newlyweds. Choose something that matches your wedding themes, adding elegance to the excitement at a very affordable price! Your wedding won't be complete without a proper send off, so pick the right favors for the perfect finishing touch. Celebratory Wedding Poppers A fun alternative to throwing rice or birdseed, celebratory poppers allow guests to participate in a festive send-off! These fun confetti poppers add a lively finishing touch to your wedding reception, as you shower the bride and groom with best wishes. These poppers boast biodegradable contents for a planet-friendly wedding theme, complete with a perky popper wrapper which shows a cartoon bride and groom holding hands, surrounded by lighthearted confetti and streamers. Your guests will love taking part in this simple, memorable, and fun tradition! Mini Kissing Bells Mini bells are a delight to ring-in the newlyweds at their wedding receptions. These charming bells are like music to the ears, and instead of knocking against water glasses.

these are more sweet to the ears. Plain Bubbles Favors Instead of bird seeds or rice, you can use wedding bubbles. Your guests will have lots of fun with these new products and it will not stain clothing, so you need not worry.

Designer Wedding Rice Tradition says that tossing rice is the only true way to wish goodwill to newlyweds. Now you can celebrate the tradition again by opting for rice throwing as your wedding send off. This is elegantly packaged in clear cellophane with lovely floral and gold foil labeling, tied with a cute satin ribbon and includes a white scoop for measuring rice. Designer Wedding Rice is actually rice in a form that is safe for birds and animals so they won't bloat, and won't roll when stepped on.

The author is an independent writer and has written articles about edible wedding favors. To send off the newlyweds, guests can use wedding bell favors, which are sweeter to the ear.

Fun Wedding Send Offs

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