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Having A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

It is the season of giving and sharing. Your relationship can grow and blossom during the Christmas holidays. It does not matter if you have been together twenty years, twenty months, or twenty days. The holidays are a time to enjoy that new or old relationship, together. This holiday season surprise your lover with more than one present. You can spend one cold, indoor day having a Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

The adult theme behind your Christmas Scavenger Hunt can make all the difference, and provide some very exciting and erotic fun. You will need to keep a few things in mind when you start to plan a Christmas Scavenger Hunt. When you are planning the hunt for your lover, you should consider the following Scavenger Hunt tips. Consider the Presents You Buy Ask yourself the following questions before you purchase anything for your holiday Scavenger Hunt. Who is the person you are buying these presents for? Is your lover more conservative or a wild sex kitten/beast in the bedroom? Does your lover have any major likes/dislikes? What kind of budget on presents do you seek to spend? What do you hope to accomplish by having this Christmas Scavenger Hunt (i.e.

provide more variety in the bedroom so you purchase lots of toys, give him/her a chance to relax more so you buy bubble bath, hot oil, etc.)? Do you plan to buy big, small, medium, or a mix of all of the aforementioned sized gifts? Once you have determined what kind of toys, clothes, or other potential presents you want to purchase for your lover, you can move on towards planning the actual Scavenger Hunt. Leaving Him/Her the Right Clues The main part of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt is the actual hunt. You want to make sure you have a little time to plant items around the house. Perhaps you will wake up an hour early one morning, or you may plant the items before he or she gets home from work.

Whatever you decide to do, you need a little time to prepare the house, yard (if it is a private backyard), or another area where the hunt will be held for the actual activity part of the evening. Once you have everything hidden, you should leave clues with the presents. This way, she will know exactly where the next present is hidden.

Make sure you leave the right clues. Try not to confuse your lover too much as he or she will need to be able to find the presents or the entire Scavenger Hunt planning was a fruitless effort on your part. You can use written clues, or draw pictures. For example, if you leave present #2 under the Christmas tree, draw a picture of the tree, or leave a silly riddle that points towards the Christmas tree.

You can get creative with this so do not hold back! Have a Christmas Scavenger Hunt Objective What was your goal for having a Christmas Scavenger Hunt? Each person's goal may be different. Some may be trying to build up to a large Christmas gift, such as sexual adventure furniture or an expensive toy. Others may be leading their lover into the bedroom where they have set up a romantic rendezvous for two. With new sheets, candlelight, and all the new toys and clothing in tow from the Scavenger Hunt, you will be prepared for a romantic evening together. Whatever your purpose is, plan the entire Christmas Scavenger Hunt around it. It will make it easier in the end to have an objective.

Then, once you have the entire hunt prepared, you can sit back, relax, and watch your lover joyfully hunt during the ultimate Christmas extravaganza. Of course, the thank you that you will receive will be more than worth it as you try out all the new presents you purchased together.

Shayla Moore is a writer for http://www.oasislingerie.com She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

Having A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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