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Simple Tips On How To Get More Sex

There comes a time in every relationship and or marriage when the subject of sex becomes taboo. The reason can be as varied as the number of excuses. The end result is always the same. less or even worse, no sex!!!.

Here's 8 simple tips on how you can help to turn your sex life around, for yourself and your partner. 1) Move the kids bedroom away from yours. How many time have you heard the wife say. "not now, the kids will hear". Its always best for the childrens rooms to be in another part of the house. At the least far enough away so that they don't share a common wall with the parent's bedroom.

Remember the old saying. the walls have ears!!!. 2) Install a dimmer swith in the master bedroom, so you can turn down the lights a bit. A lot of couples stop having sex simply because they are overweight, or concerned about there appearance so they dont want to be seen in a bright light.

So all you have to do is turn down the lights and turn up the romantic music. How easy is that? 3) If you want to be even more romantic, forget the dimmer switch and buy some scented candles. Even better!!! 4) Get the pet dog and cat off the bed and out of the bedroom. Sweaty naked bodies and animal hair do not make for a sexy evening in bed. 5) Start closing the bedroom door when you go to bed.

Apart from the privacy factor, it also stops everyone else in the house from knowing that your about to have sex. How many times have you heard your partner say. "dont shut the door, everyone (the kids) will think were doing something.!!!" And make sure that the children are taught to knock on your bedroom door before they enter. 6) Install a bedroom heater.

Nothing will stop having a bit of nookie quicker than a freezing cold bedroom. And we all know what the cold does to a guys private parts. so turn up the heat!!! 7) Get some XXX videos for when your in the mood. they are an excellent way of helping things along. But make sure you hide them when there not being used, so the kids don't find them.

8) Start jumping into bed of a night in just your birthday suite, or at the very most, a pair of knickers. Remember when you first met your partner, bet pajamas were not even a part of your wardrobe in those days. So now its time to get naked and have some fun. The best part about these 8 simple tips is that there easy to do.


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8 Simple Tips On How To Get More Sex

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