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Teen Dating Advice for Parents

It is hard for parents to accept that their child is old enough to make decisions for themselves let alone date and have relationships at free will. At the teen age when the hormones are rushing and decisions cannot be made with just logical and practical reasons it is important for the parents to play a significant role in establishing boundaries, what is acceptable and what cannot be tolerated.

You and your teenager should have an open line of communication where you are willing to understand their needs and mind influx and allow them advice and comments on their queries and your observation.

Teenagers might not be excited about opening up directly thus it is important to keep a check on your teenager’s social circle without making their life suffocating. Lightly asking who all are going to a certain friend’s house or what is the plan for the day? The idea is to keep the conversation light and cheery without ever letting it turn into and interrogation so your teenager will be willing to open up to you.

Usually the first sign of liking or inclination towards dating someone is the frequency with which a certain name tends to creep up more and more even in small conversation or reference. This is the cue to understand that your teenager may have developed feelings for that particular person and that is when you need to give them the space to open up to you about their feelings. Just because another mothers child is a chatterbox it does not mean that your child has to be the same, things are definitely going to be different with every child and every teenager needs different strategies and techniques to help them open up to you.

Dating to teens doesn’t necessarily follow the old school rules that that were followed when you were a teenager. Due to high technological advancement dating is mostly done via texts and the grapevine of friends who figure out whether the other party is interested or not and shut if conclusive evidence proves negative or if texting back and forth didn’t feel the same way when met face to face.

So that means if your teen is spending excessive time texting or talking to someone over the internet doesn’t necessarily mean they are engaging in sexual intercourse. In fact today’s teens are more and more cautious with such decisions and don’t engage in such activities till they are absolutely sure about being in a relationship. So that can be checked off the worry list with just a careful amount of scrutiny.

Thus it is important to balance your teenager’s desire for privacy with your need for information about their personal life. Parents should set a certain set of rules, which may include where their teen is going, who they’re going with, how they plan to get there, periodic updates on location and what time the teenager has to return home. They also need to set aside penalties in case these rules break. This needs to be made clear to the teenager before allowing freedom and independence.

Keeping open lines of communication, giving your teenager space to come to you and asking light questions without ever making it an aggressive interrogation is a sure shot way of making sure your teenager trusts you and will divulge information to you.