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The Things Guys Do To Look Like Fools Around Women

After many approaches and many dates I have learned many of the things guys do to make idiots of themselves around women. Most of these are simple and even obvious. Unfortunately, just because they are simple doesn't mean you fully realize the effects they could be having on your dating life. Were going to take a look at some of the things that I have done that made me look like a fool around women. You can learn from my mistakes by avoiding all of these. Pickup Lines I used to always think that you were suppose to use a pickup line to meet women.

I think that most of us guys do. The problem is that they rarely ever work. The times that they do work is usually on women who don't get hit on very much. Its more effective to have a plan to engage her with interesting conversation. Buying Her Drinks I've had a few bad experiences with buying women drinks.

Here is an example of what I mean. Once I started buying a woman drinks she would allow me to keep buying her drinks until she was drunk. By the time she was done drinking she was a mess and I was poor from buying her drinks. This will happen over and over again if you allow it to. Don't buy her drinks or at least get her to buy you some too.

Not Escalating If you want to be more then just friends then you have to take charge. Don't expect a woman to just start moving things forward. In most cases she will just leave you behind as a friend instead. If she starts to show any signs of wanting you to progress things further then you need to escalate.

She will simply assume that are not interested in anything more then friendship if you don't move things forward. Staring Instead Of Approaching One of the worst things a guy can do is stand there and stare at a woman. This is one of those things that really creeps a woman out. Instead of staring at her you have to get up off your butt and go talk to her. Have something to say to her to get the conversation started. Make it easy and carry the load until she starts to feel more comfortable around you.

Getting Drunk Its hard not to make a fool of yourself around women when you are drunk. Allot of guys like to use alcohol as an excuse for their idiotic behavior. Some men use it to become more brave and actually approach a woman.

But an idiot is still an idiot. In this case you are the worse kind of idiot. You are a drunk one. Conclusion Those are just a few of the things you have to avoid doing with women or risk looking like a fool. Maybe, even more importantly, you should take a look at why you are doing those things. In mosts cases you are severely laking in the confidence department.

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The Things Guys Do To Look Like Fools Around Women

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